Historical record

umekichiphoto Umekichi Ishikawa who started the business was born in Fukui Prefecture.

(Bust of Umekichi Ishikawa located in Nihonbashi branch office)
Ishikawa shouten was established at Nihonbashi
in Tokyo, Japan.
AI-OLD-004-S Photograph taken in 1924 of Umekichi Ishikawa
77 years old.

The company organization was changed under the name of Ishikawa Jyuukichi shouten by Jyuukichi Ishikawa who is Umekichi Ishikawa's second son.
Atelier Ishikawa Planning started business.
Atelier Ishikawa Planning co., ltd. was established in Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan.
  • Participated in the "Subaru" project.
    Development of the simulator system for "Subaru" telescope at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Hilo, Hawaii.
  • Design and development of X-ray exposure equipment software, peripherals and adjustment software.
  • Design of wafer EB measurement equipment.

The company organization was changed under the name of Atelier Ishikawa co., ltd., which is the name used at present.
  • Design and development of 200mm/300mm wafer Electron Beam inspection equipment software. Design and development of all software necessary for the equipment control. After delivering them to major Device Maker for evaluation, process evaluation was conducted.

Atelier Ishikawa co., ltd. absorbed the Ishikawa Jyuukichi shouten. Ishikawa Jyuukichi shouten's name was changed to Atelier Ishikawa Nihonbashi branch office.
  • Development and delivery of about 60 types of semiconductor fab manufacturing devices (I/F between MES and devices).
  • Design and development of wafer post-process yield rate control system.
  • Design and development of data analysis system.

  • Design and development of equipment emulator, design of fab productive capability simulator.
  • Design and development of 450mm wafer facility.